At the National Assembly, Deputies Table Amendment to Defend the Chocolatine

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Chocolatine is now defended until the National Assembly

Under the Agriculture and Food Bill, ten Republican MPs tabled an amendment to defend chocolatine and other popular expressions.

The chocolatine perhaps just won a major battle against the “Pain au Chocolat”. In the National Assembly , ten deputies of the party The Republicans have tabled an amendment in the draft law Agriculture and Food.

Objective: promote the word chocolate,  says Le Parisien . MEPs make a wish; namely that the Rural and Fisheries Code includes “the valorization of the name of use and notoriety of a product”.

At the maneuver, there are not only deputies from the Southwest . If Aurélien Pradié (Lot) is a spokesperson on this issue, we note that some authors come from territory where the “pain au chocolat” is the majority: Marc Le Fur (Côtes-d’Armor), Valérie Lacroute (Seine- et-Marne) and Michel Vialay (Yvelines).

Aurélien Pradié , member of the Lot, explains:

“This is not just an amendment to defend the chocolatine but an amendment that aims to protect popular expressions that showcase culinary know-how”

“Such a slight evolution of the law will restore the credibility of many local products,” said LR MPs. This is for example the case of a pastry whose name has historically originated in the Gascon region, and which is the pride of all the South of France: chocolatine. 

“The examination of this amendment should take place on Wednesday, May 30,” says La Depeche .

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