Francois Hollande voted for Emmanuel Macron in the First round of the Presidential Elections

Presidential: Hollande voted Macron in the First Round, according to his Former Adviser

Bernard Poignant stated in a documentary broadcast on France 5 on Tuesday evening … We suspected, but Bernard Poignant confirmed. Former adviser to the outgoing President of the Republic said that Francois Hollande had voted for Emmanuel Macron in the first round of presidential elections, in a documentary to be broadcast Tuesday night on France 5. […]

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Wikileaks reveal documents that the CIA spied on the French Presidential elections of 2012

The CIA Spied on the French presidential Campaign of 2012?

Espionage: Wikileaks published secret documents of the US intelligence agency where the names of several French candidates are quoted … New revelations of Wikileaks. The site created by Julian Assange released on Thursday three secret CIA documents revealing that the US intelligence agency had orchestrated a campaign of espionage of the French presidential election in 2012. According […]

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