Presidential: Hollande voted Macron in the First Round, according to his Former Adviser

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Francois Hollande voted for Emmanuel Macron in the First round of the Presidential Elections

Bernard Poignant stated in a documentary broadcast on France 5 on Tuesday evening …

We suspected, but Bernard Poignant confirmed. Former adviser to the outgoing President of the Republic said that Francois Hollande had voted for Emmanuel Macron in the first round of presidential elections, in a documentary to be broadcast Tuesday night on France 5.

“When I saw him just before the first round, I said, Listen, next Sunday, so on April 23rd, we will have the same voting intentions: Macron” said Bernard Poignant to France 5.  Bernard Poignant, a former close adviser to Francois Hollande had told me at the time “This will be my vote, a vote of reason.”

A call to block the FN in the second round

Asked in the same documentary, Francois Hollande told also that “the head of state if he had not warned, if he had not acted, would feel primarily responsible for the arrival of a party of the extreme right in France to power. ”

Bernard Poignant, longtime friend socialist president, left the Elysee Palace after announcing late March that he supported the candidacy of the candidate En March! Emmanuel Macron for president.

Francois Hollande has not announced his choice before the first round. The day of 23rd April, the President had raised the ambiguity about his intentions, announcing that he would vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round against the “risk” that the FN candidate Marine Le Pen posed, he said, on the future of France.

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