A bus company Flixbus caught fire on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at the door of Ivry, on the inner ring road. The bus was totally devastated by the fire, despite the intervention of firefighters.

A Flixbus Coach on Fire in Paris: An Injured Person, the Ring Road Partly Closed

A bus from the company Flixbus caught fire on Thursday 14th November 2019 in Paris, on the inner ring road. The vehicle fire caused disruption. The fire broke out in the middle of the afternoon, Thursday 14th November 2019 on the inner ring road in Paris. A bus from the Flixbus company ignited , after having parked on the […]

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The accident of a bus of the company Flixbus took place between Amiens and Saint-Quentin in the Somme

Somme: A Bus Accident makes 33 Wounded including Four Serious

ROAD ACCIDENT: The accident of a bus from the company Flixbus took place between Amiens and Saint-Quentin (Somme) Update, Sunday at 5pm: Among the passengers include eleven British, three Americans, two Spaniards, an Australian, a Dutch, a Romanian and a Russian. In a statement, Flixbus said it was in “close contact with the local authorities to […]

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One dead and 17 injured, including a serious one, in a bus accident on the highway in Aude

Aude: One Dead and 17 Injured, Including a Serious One, in a Bus Accident on the Highway

BUS ACCIDENT: For the moment, nothing is known about the causes of this bus accident on the A61 Motorway near Narbonne (Aude) One person died, and 17 others were wounded, one of which is in “absolute urgency”, after the accident this Sunday, on the A61 motorway, in the Aude, of a bus connecting Barcelona to Bordeaux, according to a “provisional” assessment of […]

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Flixbus covers a large part of the French territory

Flixbus: One Million Tickets at € 0.99 on One Hundred Lines in France

The bus company Flixbus launches, as part of the sales, a vast promotion with one million tickets sold for less than one euro on the main lines of France. The sales also applies to transport. From Wednesday 9th January, Flixbus launches a vast promotion on its French network.  In all, no less than one million tickets at only 99 […]

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The company Flixbus offers Wednesday, March 7 tickets to 5.99 euros to and from Rennes.

Flixbus: From or To Rennes, Tickets less than 6 Euros on Sale, Wednesday

The company Flixbus offers Wednesday, March 7, 2018 tickets at a single price of 5.99 euros, from or to Rennes. 60 trips are possible. Details. Want to travel cheap? Wednesday 7th March and only that day, all tickets from Flixbus to and from Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) will be at the single price of 5.99 euros. A rate valid for direct journeys made in […]

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