Eurostar passengers are the first victims of Brexit, due to strike action

Brexit: Eurostar Passengers, the First Victims of the French Customs Strike

WAITING: Some Eurostar passengers have had to wait six hours before being able to board the train While French customs officers, who demand additional resources for the Brexit, continue their zeal strike , passengers of the Eurostar are the first to suffer the consequences, with queues lengthened by several hours, reveals BFMTV , this Monday. En raison de la grève du […]

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An important promotion for Eurostar tickets between Lille and London has been launched.

Thousands of Eurostar Lille-London Tickets at 39 Euros

A flash sale was launched by Eurostar: 65,600 discount tickets. Travels from Lille (Nord) to London for 39 euros. Eurostar has just launched a large flash sale of more than 65,000 tickets for London from 39 euros. A promo that concerns departures (and returns) from the station LIlle Europe. But be careful, as often in such cases, there are conditions to benefit from it. […]

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Eurostar is offering a Spring promotion of tickets to London for 39 euros

Eurostar Tickets from 39 Euros to Visit London in the Spring

TRANSPORT: The offer is valid for bookings made before March 16 … For spring, Eurostar is selling thousands of tickets for London (United Kingdom) from 39 euros. This promotion for travel between the 21st March and the 25th May and is valid for purchases made before the 16th March. Prochain arrêt? Le Printemps. Filez à Londres […]

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Eurostar traffic halted due to power failure

Eurostar Traffic Halted in both directions after a Power Failure in the Tunnel

TRANSPORT: The company has “no idea” on the time of resumption of traffic … The users of the Eurostar will have to take their troubles patiently. Traffic train is stopped in both directions as a result of a power problem in the Channel Tunnel , operated by Eurotunnel, said Tuesday a spokesman for the Channel rail […]

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The American actor was forced to change trains at Calais-Fréthun due to a fire alarm

Calais: Johnny Depp forced to Spend an Hour in Frethun station

Johnny Depp had to change trains in Calais-Fréthun Station on May 8 after a fire alarm … Calais-Fréthun, “Ze place to be” on a Sunday morning.  Johnny Depp, in transit between Paris and London, made a forced stop at the Calais-Feéthun station just before crossing the Channel. The American actor, who was to attend the presentation […]

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Some 700 passengers on a Eurostar from London were blocked for eight hours to Beugnâtre (Pas-de-Calais) after a fire on a locomotive

700 Stranded Passengers on Board a Eurostar for 8 Hours

Some 700 passengers on a Eurostar from London were blocked for eight hours to Beugnâtre (Pas-de-Calais) after a fire on a locomotive. Around 9pm on Sunday,  “about 700 passengers were stranded for 8 hours after an electrical incident must have happened in a locomotive causing a fire”, said Eurostar communications which states that firefighters intervened to […]

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