Calais: Johnny Depp forced to Spend an Hour in Frethun station

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The American actor was forced to change trains at Calais-Fréthun due to a fire alarm

Johnny Depp had to change trains in Calais-Fréthun Station on May 8 after a fire alarm …

Calais-Fréthun, “Ze place to be” on a Sunday morning.  Johnny Depp, in transit between Paris and London, made a forced stop at the Calais-Feéthun station just before crossing the Channel.

Johnny Depp at the station Calais-Fréthun.
Johnny Depp at the station Calais-Fréthun. – Facebook

The American actor, who was to attend the presentation of the movie Alice behind the mirror in London, was forced to stop along with the other 480 guests on board the party train that departed Paris, because of a fire alarm.

According to Nord Littoral, it was the detection of smoke, at about 10.30am, which forced Eurostar travellers to be transferred onto another train.

Johnny Depp has spent an hour on the platform, lending himself to some nice photo opportunities with the Eurostar staff and passengers.

“Some missed the chance …”

On Twitter, the info entertained a lot of users, but above all read the comments of those who were not there, like “Queen Of Garcia,” who regretted not being there for Once…

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