Europa-Park in Germany closed due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus: In Germany, Europa-Park will Close its “Aquatic Universe” and Wonders about the Date of Reopening of the Rest of the Park

CORONAVIRUS: The German leisure park Europa-Park closes its “aquatic universe” Rulantica from this Monday and wonders about the date of reopening of the rest of the park, initially scheduled for March 28th To change your mind, you might be thinking of taking your children to the new Europa-Park water park in Germany, Rulantica. Well no more hesitation, it’s closed. In a press release […]

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Europa Park is still recruiting: 300 people wanted to work at the water park

Europa Park is still Recruiting: 300 People Wanted to Work at the Water Park

A new assignment of recruitment is organized at Europa Park, the German amusement park located near Strasbourg. Jobs are available at the water park. Europa Park is looking for more than 300 employees for the new aquatic universe “Rulantica” . To meet this challenge, a recruitment evening will be held on July 12th 2019 at the 4-star hotel “Krønasår – […]

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