Coronavirus: In Germany, Europa-Park will Close its “Aquatic Universe” and Wonders about the Date of Reopening of the Rest of the Park

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Europa-Park in Germany closed due to Coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS: The German leisure park Europa-Park closes its “aquatic universe” Rulantica from this Monday and wonders about the date of reopening of the rest of the park, initially scheduled for March 28th

To change your mind, you might be thinking of taking your children to the new Europa-Park water park in Germany, Rulantica. Well no more hesitation, it’s closed. In a press release published this Sunday on its website, the leisure park with multiple laurels and attendance records is bowing to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Mack family, the owner of the two theme parks, announces the closure of the Rulantica aquatic universe from March 16. “For visitors who have already booked their tickets for Rulantica, whether in combination with a hotel stay or not, flexible booking modification methods are put in place,” says the park.

As for the reopening of Europa-Park scheduled for March 28, management explains that it is in close consultation with the authorities on this subject and that new information will be communicated in the coming week.

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