Around 200 people demonstrated in Brussels against the anti-coronavirus measures, while Belgium is experiencing an epidemic rebound.

Belgium: First Demonstration Against Anti-Coronavirus Measures in Brussels

COVID-19: The Coronavirus has claimed nearly 10,000 victims in Belgium More than 200 people demonstrated in Brussels on Sunday against the anti-Covid restrictions, in their view of freedom, some accusing the public authorities and experts of being in the pay of the pharmaceutical industry. “Corona circus”, “it’s my body, it’s my choice”, could we read on the signs. The anger […]

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Striking Public officials clash with the police in Paris

Demonstration of Public Officials in Paris: Clashes with the Police, Seven Arrests

Clashes with the police broke out Tuesday 22nd May in Paris on the sidelines of a demonstration of public officials. Several individuals were arrested. Brief clashes erupted in Paris between police – who made use of water cannon and tear gas – and a few dozen protesters hooded on the sidelines of the procession of officials, said an […]

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