French decathlon player Kevin Mayer is forced to give up injury at the World Athletics Track Trial on October 3, 2019 in Doha.

World Championships: Decathlon Title Contender Kevin Mayer Gives Up

Injured knee and Achilles tendon, the French world record holder, Kevin Mayer in the decathlon had to throw in the towel Wednesday 3rd October 2019 during the world athletics in Doha. Terrible disillusionment for Kevin Mayer. Injured, the world record holder left Thursday 3rd October 2019 the decathlon of the Doha World Championships which he was the title holder. […]

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Frenchman Kevin Mayer at the long jump of the decathlon at the European Athletics Championships on August 7, 2018 in Berlin.

Decathlon: Kévin Mayer will not be European Champion after a Zero in the Long Jump

Decathlon World Champion Kévin Mayer of France failed in the long jump at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin on Tuesday. He decided to give up. kévin Mayer, Olympic silver medalist and world champion title in the decathlon, failed in his three attempts in the long jump Tuesday morning in Berlin, at the European Championships, losing any chance to […]

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