The season for Boot sales in the Loire-Atlantique is restarting

Loire-Atlantique: Boot Fairs in the Region

The season for the Boot Sales is restarting in the Loire-Atlantique Whether inland in the small villages or on the coast of the Loire-Atlantique Region, the season of the Vide Greniers, or Boot Sales is restarting.  Here is what on this Sunday 14th April. Ancenis-Saint-Géréon. Vide-greniers. 9am to 5pm. Salle de la Charbonnière, Ancenis. Bouguenais. 10th vide-greniers […]

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Two dolphins swimming in Croisic, Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique: Two Young Dolphins Swim in the Port of Croisic!

Dolphins swam quietly for several hours, Monday noon … A rare scene. On Monday, two young dolphins are invited to the port of Croisic, in Loire-Atlantique. The people had plenty of time to admire since both mammals remained several hours in the pool, swimming calmly. They left themselves in the middle of the afternoon. Deux jeunes […]

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