Former King of Spain Juan Carlos on April 1, 2018 in Palma de Mallorca.

Suspected of Corruption, ex-king Juan Carlos Leaves Spain

The former leader, long revered for leading the transition from Franco’s dictatorship to democracy, is the subject of a Supreme Court investigation and has chosen exile. Suspected of corruption and under investigation by the Supreme Court, the former King of Spain Juan Carlos announced his decision to leave the country in a letter addressed to his son, the […]

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In a new survey, 50 percent of French people think people in power are corrupt

Over 50% of French People Consider that those who have Power are Corrupt

SURVEY: For 40% of respondents, only “a small part of them” is corrupted … Power with corruption? For one in two French (54%), “persons exercising important responsibilities or having power are for a large part of them are corrupt,” according to a survey by  Harris Interactive, published this Thursday.  For 40% of respondents, only “a small […]

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police Officer arrested in Paris on Corruption charges

Paris: A policeman suspected of corruption placed in custody

He offered to eliminate evidence in return for money …. A police officer from the 2nd arrondissement of Paris was taken into custody, suspected of corruption, over the weekend, reports Le Parisien .  The police officer, who was working on a fraud case in the field of economic crime, is suspected of trying to get money […]

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