In a new survey, 50 percent of French people think people in power are corrupt

Over 50% of French People Consider that those who have Power are Corrupt

SURVEY: For 40% of respondents, only “a small part of them” is corrupted … Power with corruption? For one in two French (54%), “persons exercising important responsibilities or having power are for a large part of them are corrupt,” according to a survey by  Harris Interactive, published this Thursday.  For 40% of respondents, only “a small […]

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police Officer arrested in Paris on Corruption charges

Paris: A policeman suspected of corruption placed in custody

He offered to eliminate evidence in return for money …. A police officer from the 2nd arrondissement of Paris was taken into custody, suspected of corruption, over the weekend, reports Le Parisien .  The police officer, who was working on a fraud case in the field of economic crime, is suspected of trying to get money […]

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