Paris: A policeman suspected of corruption placed in custody

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police Officer arrested in Paris on Corruption charges
police Officer arrested in Paris on Corruption charges
Illustration of Policeman – POL EMILE/SIPA

He offered to eliminate evidence in return for money ….

A police officer from the 2nd arrondissement of Paris was taken into custody, suspected of corruption, over the weekend, reports Le Parisien .  The police officer, who was working on a fraud case in the field of economic crime, is suspected of trying to get money from a person involved in a fraud case, in return for eliminating evidence.

According to Le Parisien , the police officer asked the entrpreneur for money in return for making the fraudelent cheque to disappear.  But this service came at a price, which in this case the policeman asked for 5000 Euros, except the entrepreneur not only refused to pay but reported the corruption to the l’IGPN, the internal police investigation unit.

The investigators then gave the entrepreneur the cash, to give to the police officer, so they could catch him in the act and thus be able to charge him.

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