4000 people attended the Salon de l'habitat in the Mayenne over the weekend

In Mayenne, 4000 People Visited the Salon de l’habitat

The Salon de l’habitat exhibition has been a success and attracted 4000 people, seeking advice for the renovation or construction, visitors have advanced in their projects. At 3.15pm, there is a rush at the entrance as the second afternoon session is opened. Two queues of more than thirty meters form outside the exhibition. As every […]

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The "Harmony of the Seas" cruise ship built in St. Nazaire is almost completed

Saint-Nazaire: “Sprint” to Build the World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Cable pull, furniture to install: some 3,200 people … Cable pull, furniture to install: some 3,200 people busy aboard the giant liner “Harmony of the Seas”, the construction in the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique) has completed “95%” and have begun the “final sprint”, three months before delivery. The various dining and entertainment spaces are taking […]

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