All the results of the western France clubs in the CFA and CFA2

Football: Results of the CFA and CFA2 Matches

All the results of the day and evening football matches in the CFA and CFA2.  There was a good result by Saint-Malo, winner against the reserve team of Rennes. In the CFA, there was a good result by Saint-Malo, winner against the reserve team of Rennes. The 12th day of the championship in the CFA2 was somewhat disrupted by fog […]

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The accident occurred in Champtoceaux near Cholet on Saturday.

Near Cholet: Hit by a Car, a Seriously Injured Child

A child was hit by a car late morning on Saturday in Champtoceaux, northwest of Cholet. Seriously wounded, he was transported to the University Hospital of Nantes. A 5 year old child was hit by a car shortly after 11.45am on Saturday morning, rue Saint-Lazare in Champtoceaux, a hundred meters from the gendarmerie. The child […]

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All the football results for the western clubs in the CFA and CFA2

Football Results: CFA – CFA 2 – All the Clubs in the West

All the football results of western clubs in the CFA and CFA 2 Note the dramatic draw between Cholet and Saint-Malo and the defeat of the reserve Nantes team in Plabennec. CFA Groupe A Paris SG (B) – Fontenay : 1-1 Rennes (B) – Vitré : 1-1 Châteaubriant – Lorient (B) : 1-0 Cholet – […]

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Wanted for 15 days now, the former terrorist who was house arrest in the Mayenne was located in Switzerland.

Terrorism: He had fled the Mayenne, the former GIA member arrested in Switzerland

On the run since September 8th when he was under house arrest since December in Mayenne, Merouane Benahmed, was located in Switzerland.  Arrested, he refused his extradition to France. September 8th, Merouane Benahmed not had not submitted its judicial review . A term of international search was then issued against him. Wanted for 15 days […]

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Military vehicles crossed the Mayenne just north of Angers

Army: The 6th Engineer Regiment Exercised North of Angers

Until tomorrow, a military major exercise continues north of Angers, employing 400 personnel at the initiative of the 6th Engineering regiment of Angers. Nearly 100 vehicles, 400 soldiers from various regiments, and staff based in Feneu … the forces which are in place for three days is impressive. “There’s the 6th Engineering regiment, used for making […]

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An Ex-terrorist on the run in the Mayenne department of France

Mayenne: Terrorist, Under House Arrest in Evron, Goes on the Run

Imprisoned in 2002 for terrorism in France, released in 2011, Merouane Benahmed had been under house arrest in Evron (Mayenne). The security forces are looking for him. He has fled. Merouane Benahmed, 43 is a former member of the GIA, the Armed Islamic Group.  He fled Algeria in 1999. In France, the former terrorist was […]

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Thirteen petrol stations were requisitioned in Maine-et-Loire from Friday 20 May

In the Maine-et-Loire: Thirteen Petrol Stations Requisitioned

In order to “prevent any supply problems” of fuel, thirteen petrol stations of Maine-et-Loire are subject to a requisition. The prefecture of Maine-et-Loire announced that thirteen petrol stations  “are the subject of an order as of May 20th, 2016”.  Objective? “Preventing any supply difficulties of petrol and diesel and ensure the smooth functioning of emergency services […]

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workshops, music and carnivals are just some of the activities for the children in and around Cholet

It’s the Holidays, Children will not be Bored in Cholet

On vacation, children rarely lack ideas to care. Here are some for the parents, in and around Cholet … Six short weeks are over, children are again on leave. At their disposal in Cholet, free amenities such as parks gambling city, the skate park and other sports fields, the toy library, the library … and a […]

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