Val d’Oise: In Pontoise, Car Ends on the Terrace of a Restaurant

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Accident in Pontoise

Presumably because of a bad manoeuvre, the driver of a car without a license lost control of his vehicle in Pontoise, Saturday 18th May, around 5pm, without doing any injury.

“I think the person had to be wrong pedals,” says Jérémie Hamel, one of the witnesses present at the time of the facts.”

He shared a snapshot of the accident on social networks. Several Internet users then recognised the car sans permis, which would not be its first try.

Val d'Oise: In Pontoise, Car Ends on the Terrace of a Restaurant 1
The driver would not be at his first attempt. (© Jérémie Hamel)


“I cross this vehicle every day, poorly parked and maneuvering with a lot of difficulties,” responded a Pontois driver

“He had already touched me near the station. I had nothing serious, just a blue on the thigh, but he abuses, seriously! “Gets another one.

Several Internet users preferred, as for them, to joke about the bad manoeuvre

On a car without a license, there are only two pedals: the brake and the accelerator. The clutch is automatic. It’s not rocket science to drive, normally …, “one of them concluded.

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