Ophélie Winter: Paralyzed, She Finds Herself on the street

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Ophélie Winter: Paralyzed, She Finds Herself on the street

Misfortune strikes Ophélie Winter. Weakened by health concerns for several years, including thyroid, the star of the 90s also suffers from facial paralysis. And as if that was not enough, she was the victim of a serious car accident in early 2019. Today, Ophélie Winter is poor and is forced to sleep in her car.

“La Une de Public” caused panic among fans of Ophélie Winter. You can see the mythical star of the 90s, face marked, waking up in her car, parked in a Paris street. The interpreter of “God gave me faith” would stay there, for want of being able to afford a hotel room or an apartment. According to the people magazine, Ophélie Winter would have real financial worries.

“She is sometimes hosted by friends,” said a relative of the star, “Others still help her by giving him money, but she does not have money anymore.”

Indeed, the setbacks were chained for the 45-year-old singer. Victim of major health problems for several years, Ophélie Winter suffers from facial paralysis. At the beginning of the year 2019, she finds herself involved in a car accident. But it is during her divorce in 2017 that his financial situation has really deteriorated it seems.

The precarious situation that Ophélie Winter would live was confirmed by Bernard Montiel, on the plateau of Touche not at my post .

Ophelie Winter, struck by Arnold’s neuralgia

For several years, Ophélie Winter has been suffering from facial paralysis. The latter told the press to be a victim of Arnold’s neuralgia. This neurological condition prevented him from speaking for a year. The treatment had led to significant weight loss.

This neuralgia comes from the nerve of Arnold: the latter innervates the muscles and acts on the mobility of the neck as well as on the sensory plane (it allows to feel the scalp). The disease involves symptoms such as facial paralysis and / or loss of muscle control on one side of the face.

More than 10 years ago, while Ophélie Winter was part of the jury on Popstar, she could not hide her physical transformation following this illness.

A divorce in 2017, which degraded her financial situation

Until 2017, Ophélie Winter was married to a wealthy Dutchman with whom she lived in Dubai (UAE). It was the beginning of the end for the star, so the financial situation has continued to deteriorate since.

“In fact, she was in Dubai and she came back in a hurry, I think they had to argue,” said host Bernard Montial on Touche not to my post.

Side effects related to taking Levothyrox®

Nothing spares Ophélie Winter. The latter also suffers from thyroid problems. In 2017, she shared a message about it. The singer then suffered the side effects of treatment, Levothyrox ®, like many other women.

This medication is intended to overcome the disruption of hormones, which should produce the thyroid, and compensate for the weakness of thyroid secretion. Unfortunately, the new formula of this treatment would lead to many adverse effects (headaches, hair loss, fatigue, depression, joint pain, dizziness …).

Like thousands of patients suffering from the inconvenience caused by Levothyrox®, Ophélie Winter had to testify: “Like more than 400 000 women in France, the side effects of Levothyrox have been unbearable … but that did not reach the strength and the energy you give me through your messages, reads, I wish a lot of courage, strength and love to women who endure the same suffering from these side effects. “


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Mes chéris, Pardon pour ma discrétion sur les réseaux sociaux, mais ces dernières semaines n’ont pas été des plus agréables. J’ai dû malheureusement ; contrainte et forcée ; d’annuler et de refuser plusieurs engagements et événements professionnels très importants pour moi. Comme plus de 400 000 femmes en France, les effets secondaires du Levothyrox ont été insupportables…mais cela n’a pas atteint la force et l’énergie que vous me procurez à travers vos messages. Je souhaite beaucoup de courage, de force et d’amour aux femmes qui endurent la même souffrance de ces effets secondaires. Je tiens sincèrement à m’excuser auprès des personnes qui m’ont proposé de beaux projets, que j’ai dû annuler à la dernière minute. Encore mille excuses. À très vite. Je vous embrasse 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️ Mama’s back in Da house Like faya ! 🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤😘😘😘

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Ophélie Winter, victim of a car accident

The wheel has not yet turned for Ophélie Winter. In early 2019, the star was involved in a serious car accident . Her rib cage was crushed. The former model spent several months in the hospital. Again, she had warned her fans on Twitter.

Alas, this sequence of misfortunes will have completely failed the singer of the 90s. Today, Ophélie Winter is in the street, and spend nights in her car.

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