Normandy: Medical Evacuation on a Passenger Ship off the North Cotentin

Local News
Off the coast of Normandy, A passenger from Brittany Ferries' ship had to be hoisted.

Sunday 17th June, at just after midnight, the Navy helicopter, based in Maupertus intervened on the Brittany Ferries “Bretagne” ship to evacuate a passenger in infarction off the Cotentin.

On the night of Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th June, at 10 minutes past midnigth, an alert is launched by the ship Brittany Ferries, Bretagne  off the coast of Normandy.

A passenger was uncomfortable while the ship is in international waters. A notice of medical evacuation opportunity must be established.

Immediately, the CCMM (Centre de Consultation Médicale Maritime) of Toulouse suspects an infarction, and advocates an emergency medical evacuation.

The Gris-Nez CROSS (62), a referent for rescue operations involving French ships or crews in international waters, immediately called on the Cayman Navy helicopter based in Maupertus.

After recovering the medical team in Le Havre, the helicopter makes its way to the ship that has reached the English waters in the meantime. Help is on site around 2 hours.

Helpless victim

Once the medical team rushed aboard the passenger ship, the helicopter departed for Maupertus to refuel, allowing it to make the return link via Le Havre.

At approximately 3.30 am, after having been conditioned by the medical team for evacuation, the victim was hoisted aboard Caiman Marine with a view to transferring him to the Jacques-Monod hospital center in Le Havre (76), where he arrived around 4.15am.

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