The father called police from a pay phone in Échirolles, after the release of the abduction alert

Abduction Alert: Baby Found Safe and Healthy

Djenah, the baby of four months, abducted on Tuesday morning at Grenoble by her father, was found in good health. The baby’s father for four months, known for acts of violence, surrendered to authorities. “The father called the police from a pay phone in Échirolles (in the suburbs of Grenoble).  The baby was recovered by the police […]

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Abduction Alert has been triggered after a baby was snatched in Grenoble

Abduction Alert: A 4 Month old Baby Abducted in Grenoble

A four month old baby was kidnapped on Tuesday in Grenoble by his father, Steeve Y Beni Saad, police said. An abduction alert was triggered Tuesday night to find the infant; and continues to be relayed. Known for acts of violence, the child’s father entered the home where the mother lives through the balcony. Djenah, […]

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