Searches and "clearance operations" were ongoing Thursday night in a building of Argenteuil (Val-d'Oise)

Argenteuil: The Arrest of a Man Helps Thwart an Attack

A planned attack was thwarted in Argenteuil, announced Bernard Cazeneuve. Explosives were discovered at the home of the arrested man. The officers of the Directorate of Internal Security (RPS) conducted on Thursday morning a “major inquiry” in Argenteuil which allowed “to defeat a planned attack in France which was at an advanced stage of planning” […]

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The hyperloop train will travel at supersonic speeds

Hyperloop, Supersonic Train arrives in Europe

Launched at 1 200 km / h, Hyperloop the supersonic process devised by an American billionaire, should pass through central Europe in four short years. The Hyperloop would connect Bratislava in Slovakia to Vienna in just eight minutes, and Budapest in Hungary in just ten minutes. As if the Lille-Marseille route was performing soon in […]

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There is no question of cancelling the Euro 2016, says prime minister

Bombings in Brussels: Cancelling Euro 2016 would be a Terrorist “victory” believes Manuel Valls

Safety of the competition is much discussed after the terrorist attacks on the Belgian capital … Prime Minister Manuel Valls dismissed Wednesday on Europe 1 cancellation of the Euro 2016 football (June 10 July 10) in France, as it would represent “a defeat” and “a victory” left to the terrorists. “No, that would be a […]

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Bernard Cazeneuve announces stronger security measures for France after the attacks in Brussels

Bombings in Brussels: France takes new Measures to Strengthen Security

A few hours after the explosions in Brussels, the French government has taken on Tuesday new security measures … “The threat level is extremely high.” The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who had already strengthened Saturday night the security arrangements put in place in France, has just firmed it up again. He presented this Tuesday, new […]

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France is increasing security at airports after the explosions in Brussels

Explosions in Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt on Alert

Following the explosions that were heard in Brussels, major European cities have strengthened their security devices around the stations and airports … The various explosions recorded at the airport and in the Brussels Metro have killed at least 21 people (interim report) and triggered the alert level 4 over Belgium.  The Metro at the Brussels-Zaventem […]

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Weather records continue to be made in 2016

Weather: Heat Records in January and February

2016 appears from under the same auspices that 2015 side of the thermometer. Heat records have been beaten in January and February. The records continue to fall in heating and climate since the beginning of 2016, after the 2015 temperatures breaking yearly records, warned on Monday the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a UN agency based in […]

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Commercial adverts are to make a return top Radio France

Commercial advertisements will make their return on the airwaves of Radio France

On Wednesday, the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay confirmed that commercial advertisements would return on Radio France, banned since 1987 … On Wednesday, the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay has confirmed the arrival of commercial advertising on the airwaves of Radio France, banned since 1987 without lengthening provided their total duration. “The group will not […]

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The ring of Joan of Arc is being returned to france after being bought by the Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou: The park Bought the Ring of Joan of Arc from the English for 377,000 euros

The Vendee park is organizing a ceremony for the return of the ring, taken from Joan of Arc … The return of a “jewel in the history of France.”  The Puy du Fou in the Vendée, announced Friday it won in late February in London, a somewhat unusual auction.  For 376,833 euros, the site has gained […]

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The telephone operator Free, was searched more than other operators for 2015

Free is the most Searched Telephone Operator on the Internet in 2015

The name of the subsidiary of Iliad was typed into Google 110,310 times a month … Free is the mobile operator usually entered into the Google search engine in France in 2015. 110 310 searches were conducted each month for the company founded by Xavier Niel, against 100.400 for Orange and SFR to 67.100. In […]

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2015 was a record year for attendances in campsites and hotels for the Aquitaine region of France

Aquitaine: Record Attendance in 2015 for Hotels and Campsites

The French customers came enjoy the exceptional weather conditions in Aquitaine between May and July 2015 … This is a record attendance for a summer season . INSEE Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes announcement in a note that it has released the attendance in hotels and camping for the Aquitaine reached between May and September 2015 almost 21 million […]

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