Salmonella: A Lot of AOP Roquefort based on Raw Milk Recalled

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Salmonella was detected in a lot of brand name Roquefort cheese

Due to the presence of salmonella, a lot of brand name Roquefort AOP with raw milk was recalled. If you have purchased, you can bring the product back to the store.

After products based on sheep’s milk, it is now Roquefort’s turn to be concerned by the presence of salmonella. In fact, a batch of Roquefort AOP raw milk brand Société is subject to a recall.

The suspect lots, marketed between July 9th and August 1st, 2019, were withdrawn in store as a precautionary measure.

If you bought this product in the supermarket, it should be brought back to the point of sale.

Here are the lot numbers concerned: 

  • Lot 3178B DDM 09/15/19
  • Lot 3170B DDM 16/12/19
  • Lot 8171A DDM 13/09/19

In the case of consumption: the doctor

If ingested, it is advisable to make an appointment with his GP, indicating the consumption of the product.

Salmonella infections result in gastrointestinal disturbances, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain, often with fever. The incubation time can range from 6 to 72 hours.

Practical information: 
For any questions, Société des Caves remains at the disposal of consumers at the following toll-free number: 0800 120 120 (open from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday)

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