The council meeting in Rennes was cancelled after students disrupted meeting

Rennes: Students Refuse to Leave the Mairie, the Council Meeting Canceled

Council meeting in Rennes has been cancelled.  A dozen students occupied the room, mayor has called for the the evacuation of the city hall … The council meeting of Rennes has been cancelled by the Mayor of Rennes.  A Students protest, positioned in the middle of the room, refused to leave the room as the mayor, […]

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Hubert Mounier, singer and founder of L'Affaire Louis' Trio has died

Hubert Mounier, the Singer of L’Affaire Louis’ Trio, Died

DEATH: singer and founder of L’Affaire Louis’ Trio has died of a heart attack at the age of 53 … Benjamin Biolay is the first to have confirmed the death of Hubert Mounier, singer and founder of L’Affaire Louis’ Trio, paying tribute to him on Instagram: “My friend.My big brother. My song teacher. I will miss […]

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Night Rally motion standing on the Republic Square in Paris, April 22, 2016 - Elliott VERDIER AFPrefure of Police have imposed limits on the #NuitDebout protests in paris

#NuitDebout: The Prefecture of Police of Paris makes an Order ‘Limiting the Duration of the Activities’

The police headquarters in Paris issued a decree to limit the gathering from 10pm on Monday until 7am tomorrow morning … The Prefecture of Police (PP) raises its voice. In the aftermath of the clashes on the 1st May and the usual gathering of the citizen movement #NuitDebout in place de la Republique – interrupted after numerous incidents […]

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The municipal police in Bordeaux are to be issued with tazers

Bordeaux: The Municipal Police will be Equipped with Tasers

SAFETY: Alain Juppe to present on Monday afternoon the new equipment and its new police mission … The mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppe, is to present this early Monday afternoon the new equipment and new municipal policing. We already know that it will be equipped with Tasers, new-generation body armour and tear gas are widespread. Tasers, […]

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The weather for the Mayenne, is for a cloudy day with some showers forecast for the afternoon

Grey and Cloudy in Mayenne this Monday, 2nd May

After a beautiful sunny Sunday, the gloom dominates the department again. Heavy clouds are expected in the Mayenne today. The forecast from Meteo France for the weather  in the Mayenne department this morning is for no rain, although the clouds should be thick, and temperatures should be moderate and increasing.  They should reach between 11 and […]

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According to the unions, 5,000 people joined the traditional parade May day parade in Nantes

Demonstration of 1st May in Nantes: 5000 Demonstrators according to unions

According to the unions, 5,000 people left the Machines of the  l’lle de Nantes, the starting point of the traditional parade and finished at the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne. Multiple speeches and words from the unions gave the starting signal of the May Day parade in Nantes, in the presence of at least 3000 people, although […]

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At midnight Sunday, firefighters were called to intervene in a fiery scooter, Boulevard Jean Monnet in Rezé. The fire had spread to an apartment.

Reze: Scooter Fire spread to the Car and then to the Apartment

At midnight Sunday, firefighters were called to intervene, as a scooter had caught fire , Boulevard Jean-Monnet in Reze. The fire had spread to an apartment. In this building at the Boulevard Jean-Monnet in Reze, ten people had to be evacuated. It was midnight on the night of Saturday to Sunday. When the emergency services […]

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