The But store in Chateaubriant will reopen on Friday

Chateaubriant: But will Reopen its Doors this Friday

The shop But in Chateaubriant, damaged by fire in late September 2015, will be reopened on Friday, after five weeks of closure. But, the store, located on the road of Saint-Nazaire, in the industrial area of Chateaubriant, will reopen its doors this Friday, November 30, 2015, at It was closed for five weeks following the […]

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Fire at Hotel in Nantes

Nantes: One Dead and Five Injured in the Fire at Formula 1Hotel

Last night, a man of 26 years died in the fire at the Formule 1 hotel located in Sainte-Luce. The hotel was evacuated, the fire is now under control.  Firefighters were called shortly before 5 am this morning to the Formule 1 hotel located at the exit road to Sainte-Luce, on the edge of Nantes. […]

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Police searching for driver after leaving scene of the accident

Calais: A Driver Fled after Fatally Knocked down a Migrant

Police authorities are actively seeking the alleged drunk driver in Calais … The driver of a vehicle that drove into a group of four migrants on Monday night, is currently wanted by the police in Calais.  According to Europe 1, which revealed the facts, one of the migrants died and three others were slightly injured. The victims came […]

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Rocketskates - A new form of personal transport has arrived in France

This is Great: RocketSkates have landed in France!

The transportation alternatives bloom. Electric bikes, Segways, and skates with gyroscopic wheels … and here Rocket Skates that are ready to storm our side walks. Until the Hoverboard, the skateboard from the film Back to the future, really becomes a reality, what are the light and alternative transportation methods to get around town.  15 years after […]

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Asterix and Obelix authors will be at the Atlantis centre today

Nantes : The authors of Asterix and Obelix at Atlantis

From 10.30 am till 2pm, Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad sign their latest book of  “Asterix and the Papyrus of Caesar.” Uderzo and Goscinny remain forever fathers of Asterix and Obelix.  But in recent years, Uderzo and publisher Hachette has entrusted the difficult task of living the characters of the little Gallic village that resists against […]

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42 deaths after a collision between a Bus and a lorry

Gironde: “The government is fully mobilized,” said Hollande after the Tragedy

This Friday morning in Puisseguin, near Libourne, in Gironde, a collision between a bus and a truck has claimed 42 lives. Under the impact, both vehicles caught fire. Forty-two people died this Friday morning at around 7.30am in a collision between a bus and a truck in Puisseguin, near Libourne, in Gironde.  41 victims were […]

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Only Town centre shops will be allowed to open on Sunday before Christmas

Nantes: Shops on the Outskirts will not open on Sundays before Christmas

Nantes wants to limit the possibility of opening two Sundays before Christmas only to stores in the city centre… Despite their repeated requests, shopping centres and retail warehouses will not be able to open their doors on Sundays before Christmas.  Nantes City Council has decided to renew the arrangements put in place for the first time last year: […]

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The first kilowatt of energy was produced from tidal htdrotube

Bordeaux: A Tidal on the Garonne just Produced its First Kilowatt

The Tidal H3, a demonstrator of society Bordeaux hydrotube successfully passed its first tests … It was its first test scale.  And its designers are delighted with the results.  The tidal H3, a demonstrator of society Bordeaux hydrotube Energy, has spent two months in the River Garonne in Bordeaux for a series of tests.  “With […]

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Reconstruction of Saint Donatien basilica in Nantes

Nantes: After the Fire, the Saint-Donatien Bascilica Starts Reconstruction

The first phase of repairs of the building on fire in June begins this week … Four months after the fire in the Saint-Donatien Basilica, the time of expertise and business consultations has finished and work has began this week as expected. The first phase of the project, that of securing and repair, will last until the […]

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