Weather: Cold Snap and Snow on the Northern Half of the Country from this Weekend

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Return of the cold weather this weekend for the North of France

Temperatures will drop sharply from this weekend on a northern half / northeast of France, with some flakes including Sunday.

Temperatures will drop markedly from Saturday, March 17, 2018 on a northern half / northeast of France, with some flakes including Sunday , we learned Friday from Meteo France .

A mass of cold air from Finland and north-western Russia will drop sharply on Saturday the thermometer, which should reach its lowest Monday (-3 ° minimum north) .

This will be accompanied by a disturbance and wind, with sometimes a little snow on the open countryside.

Temperatures should then rise slowly during the week, to return to normal season near the weekend.

It will be cold this Saturday on the side of the Belgian border and north-east. Lille, where 13 ° C was reached on Friday afternoon, should lose 11 ° C in 24 hours  : 2 ° C are expected Saturday afternoon.

Strasbourg will go from 14 to 6.

Down to -6 on Monday and Tuesday

Sunday the cold will win a large northern half, with frosts in the morning (-2 Metz, Nancy, Strasbourg, -3 Lille).

Paris , at 13 ° C maximum on Friday, will go to 8 ° C Saturday, then 4 ° C Sunday. The minimum will fall to 0 ° C in the centre and -1 ° C in the suburbs.

Monday and Tuesday the temperatures can fall to -5 or -6 degrees locally on this large portion of the country.

With highs on Sunday of 4 ° C in the north, 10 ° C in the south, and Monday of 4 ° C in the north and 9 ° in the south, the country will be well below the normal of season (13 in the north, 16 in the south), notes forecaster Frédéric Nathan.

The wind should further accentuate the low temperatures felt.

“But we are still very far from the cold records. In March, it happens quite regularly, even if we started to get used to the sweetness since early March was rather above the average season”

On the precipitation side, a disturbance going from the mouth of the Seine to the Alps, should give rains “not very strong”, and some snow on the reliefs of the Jura from 900 m.

There will also be “some flakes”, in the plain, towards the Belgian and Luxemburgish borders (1 to 3 cm or even locally 5). Paris will be “at the limit” and should not see “much”, according to Nathan.

The west and the southwest will have rain showers.

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