Idris Elba Definitely Does Not Want to Play James Bond Even if he is Offered the Role

Idris Elba definitely does not want to play James Bond even if he is offered the role

RACISM: The actor, Idris Elba is exhausted by the racist attacks he has suffered since the first rumours of him becoming the next James Bond

Idris Elba is categorical: he will not embody James Bond, regardless of the offers made to him. The name of the actor has been circulating for a few years now to embody the famous spy in the service of Her Majesty. And if the actor is obviously flattered by the enthusiasm caused by this possibility, he is even more disappointed to see that his skin colour perpetually raises such controversy.

“It was a huge compliment to know that, from all over the world except for some that we won’t talk about, we were happy that I was considered [for the role],” Idris Elba explained during a stint in the Smartless podcast .

The mystery remains

“But all the people who weren’t happy with that idea made it all disgusting and off-putting because they brought it down to race,” continued Idris Elba. “It became nonsense, and I had to take it all. »

In any case, the mystery remains whole concerning the identity of the next James Bond and we risk not having an answer before the production of the next film does not start within one or two years.

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