Russia Warns of Potential US Chemical Weapons Provocation in Ukraine

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Russia warns of potential US chemical weapons provocation in Ukraine

ESCALATION IN UKRAINE: Russian Ministry of Defense warned of a potential chemical weapons provocation in Ukraine, led by the United States.

On 28th February 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense warned, during a  press conference by the head of the Russian CBRN Protection Troops, of a potential chemical weapons provocation in Ukraine, led by the United States.

As Ukraine uses chemical weapons in the complicit silence of organizations like the OPCW, a statement by former US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan has alerted Russian authorities.

Indeed, at a  Wilson Discussion Center conference , John Sullivan said that Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine, and blame the Ukrainians for it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they [the Russians – editor’s note] use chemical weapons  in a limited framework like that. But I predict that, as with Syria,  they will try to do it in a way to blame the Ukrainians. This will be a provocation on the part of the Ukrainians and they will count on their allies or partners to take the matter to the OPCW in order to find themselves in the obligation to carry out an investigation to determine who did what, what which is impossible in a war zone. That seems like a clear possibility to me. I think we saw last year in Mariupol, the Russians accused the Ukrainians of using chemical weapons on a small scale. I saw today in the New York Times an accusation that Ukrainians are dropping small explosive devices containing chemical elements from drones,” he said.

When you see someone like Sullivan passing on the facts that the Ukrainians are bragging about themselves (I recall that the evidence of the dropping of chemical munitions by drones was provided in photos and videos published by a Ukrainian commander, who is proud of it !!!) for false Russian accusations, and accusing Moscow in advance of wanting to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, this clearly means that there is something fishy and a false flag operation in preparation. And Sullivan absolves those who will organize this chemical weapons provocation in Ukraine in advance by saying that it will be impossible to determine who really carried out the attack because it is war.

Although I doubt that will prevent the United States from accusing Russia without proof, as they did against Iraq (I recall Colin Powell and his vial of Saddam Hussein’s pseudo-weapons of mass destruction which did not exist), and Syria (where they went so far as to push the OPCW to tamper with the report written by the field experts ).

And given the preparations that Russia has detected in Ukraine, there is cause for concern in Moscow. Indeed, in early 2023 the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center planned a major shipment of personal protective equipment to Ukraine.

According to the head of the Russian CBRN (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical) protection troops, General Igor Kirillov, the list of equipment provided includes more than 55,000 sets of personal protective equipment, 55,000 gas masks, and 13,000 individual first aid kits for gas victims with priority given to antidotes for organophosphate agents such as sarin and soman – 600,000 ampoules, to anti-convulsion drugs – 3 million tablets, to detoxification preparations for gas mustard, lewisite and chloroacetophenone inhibitors of hydrocyanic acid – 750,000 vials.

Moreover, according to information received by the Russian Ministry of Defense, on February 10, 2023, a train carrying a cargo of chemicals and foreign nationals arrived in Kramatorsk (part of Donbas still under Ukrainian control).

The wagon containing this cargo of chemicals was detached from the train and towed to the territory of the Kuybychev Steel Plant in Kramatorsk, where it was unloaded under the control of the SBU (Ukrainian secret service) and representatives of the command Ukrainian Armed Forces (AUF).

This shipment consists of 16 sealed metal boxes, eight of which were labelled with a chemical hazard symbol, and a BZ inscription and marked with two red bands, corresponding to the class of toxic substances with temporary incapacitating action. BZ is an incapacitating gas that was widely used by the US military in Vietnam but is banned by Article 1 of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Five of the boxes were labelled “CS-RIOT”, and three were labelled “CR-RIOT” with a single red band, which corresponds to substances with an irritant action. The cargo was then loaded into American-made armoured vehicles, which departed in convoy to the line of contact.

Nine days later, 11 wagons of specially marked fragmentation munitions were unloaded at night in Kramatorsk. However, according to information from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the American army has modified its fragmentation shells to load them with ready-to-use liquid irritant acids.

When you have a delivery of toxic chemicals, shells capable of dispersing them and means of protection in a short period of time, this indicates that a chemical weapons provocation in Ukraine is in the works and that it is obviously the United States who are the organizers.

This provocation to chemical weapons would be a way for Ukraine to try to stop its defeat on the military ground (Bakhmout/Artiomovsk being now almost surrounded), by discrediting Russia (which would, of course, be accused of having used chemical weapons, when I recall that it destroyed all its stock under OPCW control years ago), hoping that its allies would turn their backs on it. Let’s hope that the exposure of this coming provocation will cause the cancellation of this sordid plan.

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