World Cup 2022: Hugo Lloris will (definitely) Not Wear the Rainbow Armband in Qatar

World Cup 2022
World Cup: Hugo Lloris will (definitely) not wear the rainbow armband in Qatar

FOOTBALL: The FFF, already not very hot on the subject, did not have a response from FIFA to authorize the captain of the Blues to wear this symbolic armband

This Friday morning again, the subject was “not closed” according to the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castera, despite the declarations of Hugo Lloris who had confirmed on Tuesday that he would not wear the rainbow armband during the World CupHe seems to be now, after FIFA ‘s non-response to the two letters from the FFF asking if the captain of the Blues was authorized to do so. The silence of the international body convinced the Federation not to budge on the subject, indicates L’Equipe this Friday evening.

Information that only confirms the French position. The president of the FFF Noël Le Graët had let it be known last week that he “liked so much” that Lloris did not wear this “One Love” armband, designed to defend the cause of LGBT + people and other minorities. “We are going to play in a country that we must respect,” NLG said. The Tottenham goalkeeper had made it clear that he was aligned with this position when he came to a press conference on Monday, before confirming the next day with AFP: “No, no. I replied yesterday. I was pretty clear, I don’t need to add more,” he answered when asked if he would wear it or not.

Originally, ten selections (England, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Wales and Belgium) planned to enter the field with this symbolic armband. We don’t know what all will decide in the end, but the English shouldn’t let go. “I think there is a possibility that we will be fined. And if it does, we will pay it, FA chief executive Mark Bullingham told Sky News . We think it’s really important to show our values. And that’s what we will do. Harry Kane should therefore wear this armband well against Iran on Monday.

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