Weather Forecast for Rennes, this Saturday 19th November

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Weather forecast for Rennes

WEATHER REPORT: The weather in Rennes will gradually improve during the day and give way to sunny spells. Temperatures will be 7°C in the morning and 11°C in the afternoon…

An improvement is announced during the day in Rennes, where the clouds will dissipate. Values ​​of around 7°C are anticipated. The highs will go up to 12°C while the lows will be 5°C. A modest northwesterly breeze will be felt by residents. This morning will be synonymous with great sunshine. In the afternoon, a strong sun will shine. Warmer weather is expected as the mercury will rise. In the evening, after a quick cloudy spell, the wind will gradually chase away the gloom. The sky will be clear of clouds overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

Tomorrow, clouds will appear over Rennes. The weather will warm up with an increase of a few degrees. A southwesterly wind will refresh the atmosphere somewhat. The morning will be marked by light drizzle. It’s a bright sun that will show up tomorrow afternoon. Clouds will gradually become visible as the evening progresses.

An improvement is expected in the following days. The weather will be sunny with temperatures around 8°C.

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