“Sister Act 3”: Disney Announces the Release of the Film on its Streaming Platform

In addition to the return of Whoopi Goldberg, the film, Sister Act will be produced by Tyler Perry

AMEN ! In addition to the return of Whoopi Goldberg, the new Sister Act film will be produced by Tyler Perry

It’s confirmed, he will have a third Sister ActIt was Sean Bailey, boss of Disney studios, who took advantage of Disney Investor Day to announce that the film was currently in development. Whoopi Goldberg will therefore take over the role of Deloris Wilson, 30 years after giving voice in the first two parts.

In addition, Sister Act 3 will not benefit from a theatrical release but will land directly on Disney +  as Deadline points outFinally, the actress will partly produce the footage, along with actor and producer Tyler Perry.

An incomprehensible expectation

Pleasant news when we know that Whoopi Goldberg has been waiting for a long time to be able to give a sequel to two of the most popular films of the 90s. With 232 million dollars at the box office and a musical which hit Broadway between 2011 and 2012, the franchise does seem to be a safe bet.

Already impatient in 2019, the actress took advantage of an interview to challenge Disney on the subject. “The question I get asked all the time is, ‘How come you haven’t done it yet?’ Everyone makes remakes or sequels ”, she had declared during her show The View, before insulting the studios which own the rights to the film:“ Hey, Disney… ”You just had to ask!

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