The Baccalaureate and the Brevet will be Validated by Continuous Monitoring, announces Jean-Michel Blanquer

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The 2020 baccalaureate will not be cancelled, but it will be validated by continuous assessment.

The Minister of Education, specified this Friday the modalities of the exams planned in June, namely the baccalaureate, the brevet and the diplomas of the professional tracks.

“The bac 2020 will not take place under normal conditions” because of the confinement, had warned Thursday evening, during a special broadcast on TF1 and LCI, Prime Minister Edouard PhilippeContinuous or partial control, postponement of tests … For several weeks, various avenues have been envisaged to maintain, at all costs, the examination.

This Friday 3rd April 2020, Jean-Michel Blanquer decided. During a press conference, the Minister of Education indicated that “all the tests – certificate, professional and general baccalaureate, BEP, CAP and BTS – will be validated by continuous monitoring “.

We take stock of each examination. 

For the pupils of 3eme

“France is going through an unprecedented and difficult situation,” recognized the minister, who “after having consulted the social partners and family representatives very widely”, proposed adjustments in order to “reconcile security and the future success of the students.” ”

Thus, for 3 eme students, obtaining the secondary school certificate will be subject to the average of the marks they have obtained during the three terms, excluding the confinement period.

In an unprecedented way, “all middle school students will have classes until July 4th, ” added Jean-Michel Blanquer. There will be more courses than usual and attendance will be one of the criteria for obtaining the exam.

For the pupils of Première

For Première pupils, who are preparing to take the French bac exam, the written test will correspond to the average of the marks obtained throughout the year in this subject, again outside the period of confinement.

However, the oral test is maintained, said the Minister.

“It will be organized in late June or early July, unless health conditions do not allow it in the meantime. There will be fewer texts than expected: 15 in general and 12 in technological fields.”

In addition, for technological fields, history-geography, modern languages ​​and mathematics will not be assessed as planned. The average retained “will be the addition of the mark obtained in the common tests passed this year, which one calls E3C1, and those which will be passed in final, E3C3”, specified Jean-Michel Blanquer.

For students of Terminale

Concerning the baccalaureate exams for high school students in the Terminale class in general and technological fields, here too, all of the tests will be validated by continuous assessment with the average of the marks obtained before the confinement period.

Note that the marks obtained in First for the French test (written and oral) will be “kept,” said the Minister.

In parallel, an examining board will sift through the school booklets to “look at the case of each student” and “guarantee the candidates’ fairness and harmonization”. As with the French diploma and the French baccalaureate, attendance, “condition sine qua non for obtaining the diploma”, will be verified.

Will there be a catch-up session?

Yes. The candidates having obtained between 8 and 10 out of 20, “will be able to take the oral exams at the beginning of July”, under the usual conditions, assured Jean-Michel Blanquer.  Candidates who do not obtain the bac in June will be able to benefit from a session in September, also open to free candidates.

For students in vocational high schools, the tests will be validated on the basis of the training check already passed and the school book. These marks are awarded by an examining board, chaired by an inspector general.

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