Students will be able to return to colleges and Lycees from the 2nd June

Education: All Colleges and Lycees will Reopen on June 2nd, French Oral Cancelled

Jean-Michel Blanquer, the Minister of National Education, returned to the terms of the return to middle and Lycees from June 2nd, as well as the baccalaureate. “The reopening of schools is a social priority”. This Thursday 28th May 2020, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, took stock of the situation of schools, colleges and lycees, during […]

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The 2020 baccalaureate will not be cancelled, but it will be validated by continuous assessment.

The Baccalaureate and the Brevet will be Validated by Continuous Monitoring, announces Jean-Michel Blanquer

The Minister of Education, specified this Friday the modalities of the exams planned in June, namely the baccalaureate, the brevet and the diplomas of the professional tracks. “The bac 2020 will not take place under normal conditions” because of the confinement, had warned Thursday evening, during a special broadcast on TF1 and LCI, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Continuous or partial control, postponement of tests … […]

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Students bear the brunt of the effects of confinement and must adapt to new government announcements. A heavy mental burden to bear for many of them.

Confinement: Isolated, Stressed, Demotivated … The Cry of Distress of French Students

The postponement of exams, due to the coronavirus pandemic, generates additional stress for many French students. Three of them testify. They move as best they can in thick fog. Since the introduction of containment in France, many students feel left to their own devices. Kept away from amphitheatres, university libraries, and their fellow students, forced to adapt to the change of program, the […]

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National Education postpones exams and competitions because of coronavirus

Coronavirus: National Education Postpones Exams and Competitions

This measure concerns both higher education competitions (preparatory post-classes) and national education recruitment competitions. While France has just triggered the epidemic stage 3 of 3, the government announced this Sunday 15th March 2020 a new measure to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. In the aftermath of the closure of crèches, schools and universities, it is […]

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Over 750,000 students start their Baccalauréat exams today in France

Baccalauréat: Exams Starts for 753,000 Candidates

This Monday, 753,000 Lycee students of Première or Terminale will take the exam of philosophy or French for the baccalaureate, with the strike at the SNCF in full flow The 750,000 or so baccalaureate candidates , including the youngest candidate in the history of this exam, are preparing to start on Monday on the Philo or French exams , kicks off […]

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