Toulouse: They Trace a Cycle Path in the Middle of the Night to Denounce Cars

Local News
Activists of ANV-Cop 21 traced a cycle path during the night of January 10 to 11, 2020 in Toulouse

Toulouse activists of ANV-Cop 21 carried out a “militant route” of a cycle lane during the night from Friday to Saturday

They find that Toulouse always leaves too much room for the car, and want to denounce the “little effort made by the town hall and the metropolis” to develop the use of the bicycle.

“Militant track”

Fifty non-violent Action (ANV) -Cop 21 activists gathered in downtown, on allées Paul-Sabatier, Friday at 10 p.m. They “proceeded to the militant route of a cycle lane” on a part of the back alleys of this artery.

In the middle of the municipal campaign , and against a backdrop of global warming, ANV-Cop 21 chose a symbolic target. The organization indicates in a press release: “On this aisle of almost 50 meters wide, the majority of the space is reserved for the automobile: two counter-aisles and a median for parking, and a double lane for car traffic. Faced with this, a single 1.5-metre cycle lane and a bus lane. “

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