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At Falgoux in Cantal, a road damaged by a landslide

The inhabitants of Falgoux (Cantal) now have one of their access axes cut off. In question, a landslide which makes the road completely impassable.

The consequences of the drought do not only take place in the Cantal fields but also cause unrest on the main roads. Proof of this is in the town of Falgoux, where a whole section of the road has subsided.

Several months of work planned

Contacted by the editorial staff, the mayor of the town Louis Chambon returns to the situation: “The road subsided on Sunday, December 22nd, 2019. It had moved a bit before but has now become completely impractical. “

The axis concerned is the D12, which links Falgoux to Le Vaulmier. Part of the asphalt completely collapsed after the Albos turn. The cause was the intense drought in the summer that dried up the land, then the heavy rains in recent weeks which have caused “pockets” of water under the road. Landslides subsequently weakened the whole, causing the partial destruction of the road.

The damage is also visible in the fields nearby, with significant crevices
The damage is also visible in the fields nearby, with significant crevices (© Louis Chambon)

The inhabitants organize themselves, passing by the Col de Néronne via the D 37, or by the D 680 or even the D 30. However, access by the Col de Néronne: “Will be complicated during the coming snowfallThe question of school transport is also pending and many other questions remain about the works, ”underlines Louis Chambon. 

The road still moving, several months of work are to be expected in a difficult context given the access conditions.

Another problem, the EDF line parallel to the road: “EDF agents intervened throughout the week and even today (Thursday 26th December) to follow the evolution of the road”.

It is recalled that it is now formally prohibited to take the D 12, between Le Vaulmier and Le Falgoux. The ban is intended for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists … Anyone using the axis could weaken the road even more and lead to even greater damage, putting their lives in danger.

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