Fiat 500X Sport: Just a Dress of Light

Fiat has chosen to decline its 500X Sport version.

Fiat offers its 500X a sports outfit without boosting its mechanics. Plumage without the ramage to respect the planet. The most muscular, 150 hp strong, is charged € 28,990.

The main criterion of choice for the purchase of a car has long been designed. The performance is no longer popular and the formula “speed is exceeded” has made its way into the minds, especially as the restrictions and repression have showered the ardor of aesthetes of sporting conduct. It is true, too, that all cars have arrived at an equivalent level of safety and comfort.

In order to break the tie, the aesthetic remains, and in this field, the Italians have often shown the way. The Fiat 500 is the perfect example of a successful pencil stroke and the big sister 500X, nourished with viagra, has judiciously benefited to benefit from an equally attractive dress.

A sporty look

The sporty atmosphere is found both outside and inside the Fiat 500X Sport
The sporty atmosphere is found both outside and inside the Fiat 500X Sport. (© Philippe Lacroix)

With this success, Fiat declines its 500X Sport version, only visually, thanks to a stronger musculature with an exclusive red livery, decorated with titanium gray on the door handles, mirrors and inserts on the front -chocs. It is essentially characterized by side skirts and body-coloured wheel arches, a rear bumper with diffuser, a chrome double exhaust and Full Led lighting systems. As an option, special Sport tires can be fitted with 19-inch alloy wheels instead of 18-inch wheels.

The sporty atmosphere is reflected inside, in a dark atmosphere, with the aluminium gearshift knob, the flat leather sport steering wheel, the titanium grey dashboard and its specific graphics and new exclusive fabric seats. black.

A sharper temperament for the 150 hp

Under its hood, the 500X Sport welcomes the turbos engines of the range, only in traction mode. In Diesel, there are two 4-cylinder, a 1.3-litre 95-hp with 5-speed manual transmission and a 1.6-litre 120 hp with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed dual-clutch DCT ( € 1,500). In essence, there is a 1 litre 3-cylinder 120 hp with 6-speed manual transmission and a 1.3 litre 4-cylinder 150 hp with 6-speed DCT box (the pallets integral with the steering wheel are optional 200 €).

In other words, no vitamins for the 500X Sport. However, with the 150 hp, it benefits from interesting adjustments, such as a chassis lowered 13 mm, a firmer calibration of the steering and specific settings of dampers and suspensions.

No progress on the performance side

It is obviously with this engine that the Sport version of the 500X can find some interest and improved behaviour. Of course, it turns flatter but to get a real advantage in turns, it would have needed a more reactive auto box and the turbo that starts to blow only from 1800 rpm … Out of the pin, the car is slow to react.

And if the box is relatively well staged on the first three reports, 35, 70, 115 km / h, the other three are too long to show dynamic inclinations likely to honour the term sports. But it was not the intention of Fiat that did not want to penalize its 500X Sport of a big penalty: 90 €, it is still acceptable. The 0 to 100 km / h is still achieved in 9”1.

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