The Bright Spots in the Sky at Christmas would be Satellites, Still Visible this Friday

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These bright spots have been seen from several regions of France

The night before and on Christmas Eve, strange light spots were observed moving, at regular intervals, in the sky. It will be the same this Friday. Explanations.

I promise he hadn’t abused the aperitif on Christmas Day. At the end of the day, on December 25, 2019, in the company of members of his family, Loïc observed a strange phenomenon in the sky of Nérac ( Lot-et-Garonne ).

It is around 7:30 p.m. when ”  dozens of lights  ” appear in the clear sky. Maybe even twenty and at regular intervals:

“I saw lights in the sky following each other. There was the same distance between them apart near the end. The distance had grown a little longer. Many of us have observed this strange ballet in the sky”

The phenomenon lasted ten minutes, according to this witness, and was seen in several places in the department.

Visible throughout France

This phenomenon has been noted in several regions of France . During the evening of Christmas Eve, similar bright spots were seen by witnesses in the Hérault and in the Gard .

Numerous reports have also reported these lights in Savoy , in particular in La Toussuire, in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region as well as in Haute-Marne or even on the Côte d’Azur.

It was enough for social networks to ignite, especially since the phenomenon reappeared this Wednesday evening.

Numerous testimonies converge in the Landes where “the dozen points have been observed” on numerous occasions, as recounted by our colleagues from France-Bleu Gascogne .

These points advancing at regular distance and at the same speed were also detected in CharenteCharente-Maritime or even in Deux-Sèvres, last night.

The satellite hypothesis

Some did not wait long before releasing the word: UFO.

Another explanation held the rope these last hours. These would be mini-satellites that were released into space on November 11. A project called Starlink, led by SpaceX owned by billionaire Elon Musk.

Contacted by us, the regional directorate of civil aviation based in Mérignac ( Gironde ) did not wish to comment.

For the president of the Mont-de-Marsan flying club, Yves de Angeli, quoted by our colleagues from France Bleu Gascogne, this hypothesis is “very likely  “.

Coated satellites

These luminous appearances have been recurrent since the launch of this program. These mini-satellites also worry many specialists.  The company was committed to “taking into account the recommendations of the astronauts”, as explained by Futura Sciences .

Because the 60 satellites which are launched this month will be covered with a coating intended to make them less reflective, explained the scientific site and to continue by quoting Space X “An experimental coating  ”.

This could affect the performance of the satellites. A result, for the moment, which does not seem very convincing in view of the light trails observed in the sky of France…

Currently in low orbit

These luminous appearances should not stop. They were visible again yesterday and will be visible in the evening this Friday, December 27, 2019, in particular around 6 p.m. on the Bordeaux side , as Franck Selsis, research director at the CNRS in Bordeaux indicates.

Tonight, these satellites will be even brighter than last night.

However, the scientist specifies that “this phenomenon is not new”.

It was even more impressive when the satellites were released. They were even closer


Franck Selsis explains that this “phenomenon is possible because the satellites are in fairly low orbit”. “They have solar panels that reflect, that’s why we see them so well. They must also pass over us between sunset and an hour later. ”  

“They follow each other fairly closely, less than when they were launched. They were all launched at the same time, two launches of 60 satellites. They will be distributed in different orbits. In any case, a scourge for astronomical observation ”. 

This dispersion will make the chain of Starlink satellites less visible. However, the scientist expresses his deep concern knowing that this program includes 12,000 satellites “and that they have requested authorization for an additional 30,000”. 

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