Starlink, SpaceX's internet network, launched in beta in October 2020.

Starlink: SpaceX’s Internet Service has Already Received 500,000 Pre-Orders

SATELLITES: SpaceX recently received approval to place its Starlink satellites in very low orbit, 540 km from Earth Available in beta since October 2020, Starlink already has 10,000 test users. The Internet access service would even count more than 500,000 pre-orders according to the latest information from SpaceX, reports  L’Usine Digitale. On Tuesday, a Falcon 9 rocket launched 60 additional […]

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A Vega rocket takes off in September 2020

Vega Rocket: Human Error Caused Mission Failure

SPACE: The vega rocket deviated from its path eight minutes after takeoff The young European rocket Vega suffered the second failure in its history on Tuesday by losing the two satellites it carried just after takeoff, due to a problem during the manufacture of the launcher, assembled in Italy. Eight minutes after a successful takeoff from the Kourou space centre in […]

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Starlink, the internet service from SpaceX in Beta within 6 months

Starlink: SpaceX’s Internet Network will Soon be Launched in Beta

STARLINK: SpaceX plans to launch first public tests of Starlink internet network in just 6 months As the world slows down because of the coronavirus, SpaceX seems to be doing quite well. The American astronautical company is pursuing its Internet network project in space more than ever. It has also just launched a new launch of around sixty nanosatellites. According to Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, […]

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These bright spots have been seen from several regions of France

The Bright Spots in the Sky at Christmas would be Satellites, Still Visible this Friday

The night before and on Christmas Eve, strange light spots were observed moving, at regular intervals, in the sky. It will be the same this Friday. Explanations. I promise he hadn’t abused the aperitif on Christmas Day. At the end of the day, on December 25, 2019, in the company of members of his family, Loïc observed a […]

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Launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, January 11, 2019.

SpaceX Launches the First 60 Satellites of its Starlink Constellation

SPACE: With its future constellation “Starlink”, Elon Musk wants to provide internet to the entire planet from space The California space company SpaceX has planned to launch this Thursday the first 60 satellites of its future constellation “Starlink” , intended to provide internet to the entire planet from space, and that could one day count 12,000 satellites. The Falcon […]

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Ariane 5 rocket launches two Satellites but into the wrong place

Ariane 5: The Two Satellites were Sent into Orbit … But not in the Right Place

The two telecommunications satellites on board the European Ariane 5 which took off from French Guiana, was put into orbit, not the right place. The two telecommunications satellites on board the European Ariane 5 which took off Thursday from French Guiana, was put into orbit, but not in the right place. Arianespace  however hoped a future “repositioning of […]

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