Bad Weather: Water Unfit for Consumption in More than 43 Municipalities in Seine-Maritime

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The water is unfit for consumption in more than 43 municipalities of Seine-Maritime, since December 27, 2019.

The Regional Health Agency has expanded its list of municipalities affected by “tap water unfit for consumption” after the heavy rains in recent days. Details.

The Regional Health Agency (ARS Normandie) has announced that it has extended the list of municipalities in Seine-Maritime, concerned by “tap water unfit for consumption following heavy rainfall”In addition to the 14 municipalities already affected by the recommendations, 43 new communities are added.

This follows the heavy rains of the past few days, which have caused particles of clay and silt in the groundwater. 

43 additional municipalities

The ARS warns the inhabitants of these communes: “The population of these sectors is invited not to consume tap water until further notice,” she said in a press release, this Friday, December 27, 2019. Water should not “be used for drinking, washing teeth and preparing food unless it is brought to a boil”.

Here is the detail of the new municipalities concerned:

The Saane Valley sector:

  • Communes concerned in full: Beauval-en-Caux, Val-de-Saâne, Auzouville-sur-Saâne, Bertrimont, Calleville-les-deux-églises, Saâne-Saint-Just, Saint-Vast-du-Val.
  • Communes partially impacted: Imbleville (valley), Saint-Mards (except Soquentot), La Fontelaye (valley), Biville-la-Baignarde (hamlet of Béteaux), Bourdainville (three subscribers).

The Auffay-Totes sector:

  • Communes concerned in full: Beautot, Fresnay-le-Long, Grugny, La Houssaye-Béranger, Tôtes, Varneville-Bretteville, Vassonville.
  • Communes partially concerned: Auffay (lower part, Mesnil Sauval hamlet and rue de Verdun), Biville-la-Baignarde (except Le Béteau district), Etaimpuis (Loeuilly and Le Coudray hamlets), Frichemesnil (La Joserie district), Heugleville-sur -Scie (rue du Maréchal Foch and rue Duquesne), Saint-Denis-sur-Scie (hamlet of Beuville), Saint-Maclou-de-Folleville (except the hamlets Ordemare and La Pierre), Saint-Victor-l’Abbaye ( except Le Menu Bois district).

The Caux Central-CCCaux Austreberthe sector: 

  • Communes concerned in full: Blacqueville, Bouville, Croix-Mare, Mesnil-Panneville, Carville-la-Folletière, Saint-Martin-de-l’If (Fréville, Betteville, La Folletière and Mont-de-l’If).
  • Communes partially concerned: Villers – Ecalles (Upper part), Ecalles-Alix (except Loumare and RN 29), Cideville (Le Cidetot), Motteville (Runnetot and Beaulieu), Touffreville-la-Corbeline (route d’Yvetot and impasse Val au Cesne), Pavilly (Médinnerie, La Route), Sainte-Marguerite-sur-Duclair (La Crique), Sainte-Marie-des-Champs (Fourche, chemin de Loumare), Saint-Paer (route de St Paer, Trubleville) , Saint-Wandrille-Rançon (Etaintot, La Crique).

Other municipalities remain concerned by the recommendation not to consume water:

The Mont-Cauvaire sector: 

  • Communes impacted in full: Mont-Cauvaire, Les-Authieux-Ratieville (76690), Claville-Motteville.
  • Communes partially impacted. In Clères: rue des Mares, rue de la Futaie, Impasse de la sente a panier, rue de la Futaie, rue du trou à barbe, route de mont Cauvaire, route de la Houssiette, route de fontaine le bourg, rue de la Seille . In Fontaine-Le-Bourg: rue du Hamel, route du Mont Piel, chemin des Aubépines, Fontaine-le-bourg, rue du Hamel, route du Mont Piel, chemin des Aubépines, chemin du Mesnil Englier, chemin du Thil, chemin les Maisonettes, Tour du Creux, Justice Hill, rue du Rombosc.

The Haut Cailly sector:

  • Communes concerned in full: Cailly, Saint-Germain-sous-Cailly, La-Rue-Saint-Pierre, Saint-André-sur-Cailly, Vieux-Manoir, Pierreval, Bierville, Longuerue.
  • Communes partially concerned: Morgny-La-Pommeraie (hamlet of La Pommeraie), Fontaine-Le-Bourg (Le Maltrait).

Communities and operators should make bottled water available.

Practical information:
For each sector, a number is made available:

  • Saâne valley sector (STGS permanence: 09 69 32 69 33)
  • Auffay-Tôtes sector (VEOLIA permanence: 09 69 39.56.34)
  • Sector “Caux central-CCCaux Austreberthe (permanence SAUR: 02 50 72 40 09)
  • Haut-Cailly sector (VEOLIA permanence: 09 69 39.56.34)
  • Mont-Cauvaire sector (VEOLIA permanence: 09 69 39.56.34),

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