Toulouse: The First “100% Electric Bus Line” Soon Commissioned to the Airport

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In Toulouse, the first "100% electric bus line" soon commissioned to the airport

At the latest, the beginning of December 2019 that the first 100% electric buses from Toulouse will circulate on the shuttle bus line of the airport.

They will be coloured “copper” – the historic conductor of electricity – and they will soon be circulating in the streets of Toulouse.

The first 100% electric buses in Toulouse will circulate “late November-early December 2019” on the “Airport Shuttle” line, which connects the bus station located in Matabiau to Toulouse-Blagnac airport via Compans-Caffarelli. The shuttle to the airport will become the first “fully electric bus line” in Toulouse.

Six 100% electric buses

Six standard buses, all-electric, will replace the five articulated buses that are currently known. These new buses were ordered in 2018 for the sum of 4 million euros. Each bus will have cost between 575 000 and 675 000 euros, price including the purchase of the battery pack needed to guarantee daily autonomy.

Tisséo indicated when:

“The technical choice was for vehicles with the necessary autonomy for their daily operation, with a slow charging system at night at the Colomiers depot, which will house the new infrastructures.”

The bus model presented in Nantes

The new bus was presented in preview in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), the 27th meeting of public transport.

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