Manche: A Teenage Girl Dies in a Dramatic Horse Accident

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Despite the intervention of the Dragon 50 helicopter, the young rider died. She had just fallen heavily on horseback at Jullouville (Manche).

On a ride to Jullouville (Manche), a 15-year-old rider fell heavily Sunday 15th  September. She died as a result of her injuries.

“Cassandra, young hope of the Normandy team, has left us tonight”, can be read on the Facebook page of the Championship of France Endurance As Normandy.

The equestrian world is mourning again. One week after losing one of the hopefuls in the discipline of the full suite, Thaïs Meheus, who died during a cross-country run at the pine stud, a new accident occurred on Sunday 16th September in the Manche department. A real drama.

This time, it’s the endurance that loses one of its rising stars. Cassandra, a sparkling 15-year-old girl, fell heavily on Jullouville beach. The Dragon 50 helicopter intervened to evacuate the young lady to Caen, but she died of her injuries on Monday 16th September.

A horse enthusiast

Already tributes are multiplying. “My shopping without you will be very complicated now”, “flight to the stars”, “say that 1 week ago, it was Thai in full. And now it’s a fall … ”

Passionate about riding, Cassandra was an endurance rider.

In 2018, she had a very good season with a bronze medal at the Normandy Championships in Amateur 2 over 60 kilometres, and participation in the French championships of young endurance riders in Lozère.

This year, she took in April, a beautiful 5th place in the championship of Normandy.

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