A Couple from Normandy Sold Everything for Two Years of Adventures

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A couple from Normandy sold everything for two years of adventures

Monday 2nd September, Magali and Didier from Normandy, will go by truck for two years of adventure between Europe and Asia. To make this crazy dream come true, they sold everything

Didier is a photographer in Luc-sur-Mer. Magali is a housewife in a childhood home in Caen (Calvados). Both love to travel, for the beauty of the sites and the wealth of encounters. This Monday 2nd September 2019, the couple will leave for two years of adventure between Europe and Asia.

“We sold the house, the furniture, the car …”

The project was born a year ago, in September 2018. Didier launches to his companion: “we are going to Australia by a truck! Magali thinks just a little and answers: “Okay! “. Then the machine to prepare the adventure starts for these inhabitants of Cairon, north of Caen.

First, get free from his activities: Didier solves the problem of the lease of his shop, Magali gets an availability. Then the budget: “To finance the trip, we sold the house, the furniture, the car, the motorcycle”. Didier even sacrificed his guitars  :

“I had eight guitars, I only have two. Yet selling is the easiest part.”

Several activities already planned

Establishing a circuit however is a lot of work that took several months. However, scheduling sites make the task easier. Powered by the experience of travellers, they allow knowing among other things, the regulation of each country, the cost of living, the weather trends.

Magali and Didier foresee several activities: in Portugal, working on a farm where they will be fed, in Morocco, meeting schoolchildren, in Poland, making a video, here to babysit, there to make a photo report. Magali wants to come back with at least one recipe from each country.

“We have many projects without knowing what we can really do.”

The adventure is planned but remains open to the surprise of places and people.

Their daughters and friends will join them on their journey

If they expect many beautiful encounters, they are also happy that their daughters are planning to join them where they will be for end-of-the-year celebrations, and that friends come to travel with them on the plains of Mongolia, “On a motorbike, with duvets and canvases of tents, and without a guide! “.

Magali and Didier will then give up a few days the Mercedes Sprinter truck they had the chance to dig up, in which they will live for two years. The layout is over, Magali still hesitates between two pairs of shoes, Didier will choose the guitar adapted to the space of their living space. The vehicle is secure as best as possible because the two adventurers are not unaware of the unpleasant hazards that can occur, there as everywhere.

“Something exceptional”

A few days before departure, our friends are almost ready and a bit impatient. 

“We are conscious and happy to be prepared for something exceptional.”

First step: the harvest in Saint-Emilion. An old dream for Magali, a homecoming for Didier le Bordelais. He will take the opportunity to refine the learning of Russian. The couple reserves three months of their trip to the big country, after crossing the south of Europe, Turkey and Iran if possible. And maybe again, go to India and Vietnam. And Australia, then  ? “Well no, it’s off budget! “.

To follow them : suismatrace.com

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