Superethanol E85: A Cleaner Fuel

Superethanol E85 emits less co2 than SP95 Petrol

Superethanol E85 emits 50% less CO2, and 90% less fine particles than its competitor SP95 Petrol.

Why is superethanol E85 cheaper than other fuels? Because it is less taxed. And why is it taxed less? Because he is more eco-friendly. When the tax level of the E10 is 66 cents per litre, that of the E85 is only 12 cents. What make a difference at the pump .But also in the atmosphere. Over its entire life cycle (production and use in engines), the Superethanol E85 emits 50% less CO2, and 90% less fine particles, than its competitor SP95 gasoline.To those who accuse him of phagocyting land that could be used for food production (beet, wheat and maize), the SNPAA (National Union of Agricultural Alcohol Producers) responds with the figures.

Everything is produced in France

“100% of bioethanol production is done in France, explains its fuel manager, Nicolas Kurtsoglou. But it mobilizes only 0.6% of the useful agricultural area. Yet this allows to produce some 12 million hectoliters (hl) per year. ”

Largely enough for a national consumption that does not currently exceed 10 million hl. The remaining two million are therefore destined for export. “Even if the E85 continues to progress, concludes the expert of the union, we have sufficient room for manoeuvre. ”

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