Disneyland Paris Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with Fanfare and Parade

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Disneyland paris celebrates 25 years of opening with fanfare and parades

Opened for just 25 years, since the 12th April 1992, Disneyland Paris opened its doors in Marne-la-Vallée. Since the giant complex has established itself as Europe’s leading tourist destination, with more than 320 million visitors. The festivities of the 25th anniversary began on Wednesday at 8.30 am under the sun and in style. They had discovered live on the Youtube channel of the amusement park and on its Twitter account.

Nearly 15 million visitors a year, 8 500 rooms, 15 000 employees … Disneyland Paris celebrates Wednesday 25 years. And the park, which hosted more than 320 million visitors since opening April 12, 1992, provided it big.

On the menu of the amusement park of Marne-la-Vallée (Seine-et-Marne) became the fifth hotel center of France, a two-hour show, a parade with 350 performers or speech Catherine Powell, President of Euro Disney, the company that operates the parks, hotels, restaurants and shops of the American brand.

A performance by the 2000 employees

The morning was even end with the spectacle offered by the 2 000 employees and was to take the form of a musical. For those who can not be present alongside the band Mickey, the event can be followed live on the YouTube channel of Disneyland Paris and on its Twitter account.

Note that 2017 is a double anniversary Disneyland Paris celebrates 25 years so its opening, but also the 30th anniversary of its partnership with the French state, signed in March 1987. And in thirty years, the tourist complex is become the backbone of a land development project.

Preparations which lasted two years

According to Le Parisien , the Val d’Europe area hosts indeed some 35 000 inhabitants, against 3000 it was twenty-five. And the added value generated by Disneyland Paris over the same period is estimated at 68 billion euros.

Finally, on Wednesday, 19th April 19, at 9pm, C8 broadcast  Madness Disneyland Paris: the 25th anniversary of the park! Unpublished documentary on preparations and rehearsals for the 25th anniversary, which lasted two years.

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