Weather in Lorient: Cloudy but Warm

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The sun will shine this weekend of August 3rd and 4th in and around Lorient

WEEKEND WEATHER: Generally warm over Lorient and the Morbihan region across the whole weekend despite the numerous clouds in the sky.

The west-centred depression of Ireland will generate a variable and fairly mild west current over Lorient and the whole of the Morbihan region this weekend.


Bright in the morning with fine continuous clearings, more beautiful on Lorient and the littoral border in spite of high altitude clouds, and cumulus of average altitude, more present on the northern half of Morbihan. Beautiful summer feeling at midday with generous sun and high altitude sails.

In the afternoon, the sun, always more generous on Groix, the whole of the beaches and Lorient in spite of fine clouds of high altitude, composed with cumulus of average altitude, more present, in the north of a line Quéven-Lanester -Kervignac. Return of a generalized clear sky in the late afternoon and early evening.

The very weak wind is preceding the weak westerly breeze effect in the afternoon, generating a nice sensation of summer softness on the coast; Min: 14 / 15 degrees; maxi: 24 / 25 degrees (from 13 / 14 degrees to 25 / 26 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac).

The arrival of high altitude clouds in the evening with persistent mildness of temperatures of 22 degrees at 8pm and 17 degrees at midnight.  Then 14 degrees at 3am through to sunrise. Nice conditions in the evening and night for Celtic nights.


Clear and refreshed at dawn preceding the arrival of high altitude sails embellished with a mid-altitude cloud cover in the morning, without rain. In the late morning and midday, the sky is cloudy, veiled and mild, but without precipitation. For the Great Parade, conditions will be pleasant under a cloudy sky and gradually cloudy with a slightly apparent sun under temperatures oscillating between 18  degrees at 10am to 20 degrees around noon and 21 degrees at 1pm.

In the afternoon, the very little active front which crosses very slowly Brittany is embellished with high sails letting the sun on Groix, all the beaches and Lorient and accompanied by a cloud layer of medium-altitude, more compact north of Quéven-Hennebont-Kervignac and generating a few rare showers. Wind northwest very weak in the morning, weak westerly in the morning and low to moderate in the afternoon. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plage: beautiful sea and west swell 0.5-1 m. Min: 12 / 13 degrees; max: 22 / 23 degrees (from 11 / 12 degrees  to 23 / 24 degrees north of Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac).

Thunderstorms widening in the evening.  Temperatures are forecast to be 20 degrees at 8pm and 16 degrees at midnight.

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