Lannion: Orange will Recruit Twenty People this Year

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Orange will recruit twenty people this year in Lannion

The Orange Labs site at Lannion is launching its site rehabilitation project and will also hire twenty employees this year.

By 2023, the Orange labs site in Lannion will be completely redone with a new building and others completely rehabilitated. A mutation which is also accompanied by a recruitment policy on the site.

Recruitment since 2017

Twenty positions are open in 2019 including eleven externally as explained by Christian Gacon, the director of the Lannion site :

Since 2017, we recruit for Lannion regularly. 18 engineers in 2018, 20 for 2019 including at least 30% women »

200 young people on the site

It is the specialties of computer science, optics and artificial intelligence that are the most sought after.

Moreover, on the site, we have permanently 60 apprentices and 40 PhD students. The site has 200 young people under 30 »

45 million euros

The rehabilitation of the historic site of Lannion enters into a vast real estate program of 45 million euros and will be an argument to attract new engineers.

“Coming to Lannion is often a lifestyle choice for our employees. Knowing that the site is developing with heavy work and ensures its sustainability is an important argument for us vis-à-vis young engineers. “

Work will begin

Orange Labs in Lannion has 1,150 employees on permanent contracts plus apprentices and PhDs.

Work on the new site is expected to begin in 2020 and continue until 2023 to redevelop 10,000 m2 of office space.

The Orange Labs site in Lannion has 1,150 employees.
The Orange Labs site in Lannion has 1,150 employees. (© The Trégor)

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