Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram: Back to Normal after a Giant Breakdown

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Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram are back to normal after a giant breakdown

A maintenance operation caused a major crash on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram on Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

You probably noticed if you were connected in the evening of Wednesday 3rd  July 2019: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp did not work properly, especially for loading photos and videos.

Facebook announced Thursday that everything was back in order, after a giant failure that affected his services.

“The problem has been solved since then and we should be working 100% again, for everyone,” the social network wrote on Twitter, regretting “any inconvenience” related to the blackout.

A spokesperson for Facebook, who also spoke on behalf of Instagram and WhatsApp, said a  “maintenance operation”  had accidentally caused a failure to share photos and videos, US media reported.

“We did not provoke it,” laughs the CIA

Like many users impacted around the world, the CIA reacted with humour to this giant failure.

“Yes, we are affected by #instagramdown (#panneinstagram), we too,” the US intelligence agency joked. “No, we did not provoke it. No, we can not help you. Have you tried turning off and restarting? ”

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