The Eiffel Tower in Paris, will only be partially repainted for the Olympics in 2024

Paris 2024 Olympics: The Eiffel Tower will Only be Partially Repainted

Although the work began in 2019, an interruption, due to the health crisis and the discovery of high levels of lead in the successive layers of paint, caused significant delays. For its twentieth painting campaign since 1889, the Eiffel Tower will not be completely ready to offer its most beautiful golden adornment to the many visitors expected […]

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Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram are back to normal after a giant breakdown

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram: Back to Normal after a Giant Breakdown

A maintenance operation caused a major crash on Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram on Wednesday 3rd July 2019. You probably noticed if you were connected in the evening of Wednesday 3rd  July 2019: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp did not work properly, especially for loading photos and videos. Facebook announced Thursday that everything was back in order, after a giant failure that affected […]

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Renovation works for the churches in Paris

Paris Plans renovation of its Churches

PARIS city authorities have drawn up a plan to invest €80million in some major overdue renovation works for 19 of the capital’s churches between now and 2020. The improvements, were one of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s election manifesto pledges.  The French Government have also pledged a further €11million, towards the renovation costs. Since the separation of […]

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