Aude: Lauragais Sheep’s Milk Ice Cream Sold on the Internet!

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The Audeline team, a brand of farm ice cream with sheep's milk.

It was in 1995 in Mayreville in the Lauragais region that Audeline was born, a brand of farm ice cream made from sheep’s milk. Zoom on the national development of a farm brand …

Carine and Félix Bossut settled on the Bosc farm in Mayreville, Aude, in 1986 with the ambition of producing sheep’s milk for the production of Roquefort cheese. In 1995, they started producing ice cream made with their own ewe’s milk and created the Audeline brand. Today, this activity allows them to transform 40% of their milking of ewe’s milk into ice!

Ice cream with 5% fat

In addition to the 40 flavors of sheep's milk ice cream, lauragaise has enriched its range with full-bodied sorbets.
In addition to the 40 flavors of sheep’s milk ice cream, lauragaise has enriched its range with full-bodied sorbets. (© Audeline)

Sold at the beginning, directly on the farm, the Audeline ice creams are rapidly growing and can be found on supermarket shelves (as at the Hyper U de Villefranche-de-Lauragais or the Intermarché de Castelnaudary ) as well as on the stalls of many farmers’ markets in the Hérault, Aude, Ariège, Hautes Corbières, New Aquitaine, Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne and even in the Dordogne . Carine Bossut explains:

“In summer, we are present in many markets thanks to our exclusive sellers. But with the Chronofreeze service, we can sell and deliver our ice creams everywhere in France!”

“The particularity of Audeline ice cream and its interest is that sheep’s milk is more digestible and richer in protein than cow’s milk,” says Carine Bossut. And there is a lot less fat! The farmer explains that to have the creamy side of the ice cream and its name, with cow’s milk, one must complete the transformation with cream or fat, unlike the sheep’s milk which is as for him creamy naturally. “We stick to 5% fat,” says the creator of Audeline.

Good news for those who are fighting against calories, but also for those who are intolerant to cow’s milk. And for those who can not bear milk … Carine Bossut continues:

“We launched a small range of full fruit sorbet. Pear William, melon, raspberries, mango, white peach-verbena … All these sorbets are sweetened only through the fruit, bought in cooperative. “

The lauragais manufacturer offers ice creams all year long (40 flavours available, including the latest, the yoghurt and pecan ice cream) and as a bonus, for Christmas, the Bosc farm offers its Norwegian omelettes and its frozen logs … with sheep’s milk of course!

A national vision

If the brand has more than 2,000 points of sale throughout France, it aims even wider by offering, in the fall, an online sales site . It will now be possible to order her ice cream scents and receive them directly at home. Otherwise, you can always make a phone call to the Bosc farm. Carine will be happy to receive guests with a bonus visit of the sheepfold, weather permitting!

It should be noted that the farm participates each year in the operation ”  From farm to farm “. On the program: visits, demonstrations, tastings … (Dates of the 2020 event and upcoming programming on the event website )

At the Bosc farm, 350 sheep are farmed, weather permitting, in the open air.
At the Bosc farm, 350 sheep are farmed, weather permitting, in the open air. (© Audeline)

In figures 
350 ewes
65 hectares around the farm for animals raised in the open air
40% of ewe’s milk transformed into ice cream
40 different flavours of ewe’s milk ice cream
3 pairs of exclusive sellers to represent the Audeline brand on farmers’ markets
24 years that the brand Audeline exists (33 years that Carine and Felix Bossut settled on the Bosc farm)
More than 200 points of sale throughout France.

More information: 04 68 606 707.

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