Womens World Cup 2019. France – Norway: Wendie Renard Went Through all the States

Womens World Cup 2019
Wendir Renaard France Normay match Womens World Cup 2019

Double scorer in the opening match, Wendie Renard this time scored a goal against his side that could have cost France, against Norway. Far from holding on to her, her partners know they can count on player from Martinique, not slaughtered after this game.

While the French team had opened the scoring just back from the locker room through Valerie Gauvin, Wendie Renard relaunched the Norwegians by scoring against his side, in a way somewhat incomprehensible when the danger seemed far from the central defender. “On purpose, the center arrives. There is an attacker who is on the side, so I know there is one left behind. Amel (Majri) speaks to me, but I do not quite understand what she tells me, explains the Lyonnaise. To ensure, I want to put a corner, but I take a little heel and it ends at the bottom. It’s spotty. “

However, the player from Martinique, who seemed to blame herself a few minutes after this goal avoidable, quickly returned to the direction of the march. “We have to be able to switch quickly because if we weaken mentally, it means that we are not ready for the high-level sport. “

Gaëtane Thiney: “The best defender in the world”

And its partners soon realized that this game fact was not going to impact the rest of the defender’s game. “When Wendie put that goal on her side, we went to see her and give her a friendly pat. We know she is mentally tough and she quickly got back into the match, confirms Griedge Mbock, her teammate in the central hinge. This happened because it was not necessarily destabilized. This is where we also see big players. “

A reality that is unanimously confirmed by Gaëtane Thiney, his roommate. “She’s the best defender in the world. It happens. She thought there was a player coming and she wanted to anticipate and it was quickly caught up with the penalty Eugénie (Le Sommer).  ”

Wendie Renard scores an Own goal in the Womens World Cup Matc against Norway
Wendie Renard scores an Own goal in the Womens World Cup Matc against Norway

And the second French goal scorer of the evening is aware of the importance that had its goal for her partner at the OL. “I knew it was difficult for Wendie because she blamed herself on the goal we took. I know her well and I know all that she can bring us. She came to me naturally and thanked me. “ But the Breton wanted to remind him that during the ” first game, it was she who had put two goals. “ Before concluding: ” The most important is the collective. This is the strength of this team. She would have liked if we had not won, so I’m happy for her that her mistake is caught. “

An error that will not be made again against nations of a calibre even higher than the French will meet from the knockout stages of this World Cup, under penalty of the death penalty this time …

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