Weather: The Heat Should (Finally) Make a Big Comeback Next Week

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The Heat should return to France next week

TEMPERATURES: Get out swimsuits and sunscreen, France should experience a return of the heat next week

While the weather is more like that of a month in November , the question is on everyone’s lips: will the sun ever come back one day? Get out swimsuits and sunscreen: France should experience a peak of heat next week, according to Meteo France forecasts, published on Tuesday. 


After a particularly unstable time early in the week, the heat should gradually point the tip of the nose, before a peak of temperatures expected next week. “If this episode of summer weather or at least a peak of heat is acquired, it remains to specify its intensity and duration,” details Meteo France.

Up to 40 ° C in Corsica

Outside the extreme north, the thinnings will be generalized this Thursday, with a few degrees gained more. The situation will deteriorate again on Friday, when a “hot and unstable pulse of air will cross the country”, from the Grand-Est to Occitanie.

Temperatures will approach 28 ° C from Grenoble to Strasbourg, up to 40 ° C in Corsica. A few stormy showers are expected from the east to New Aquitaine.

A peak of heat next week

If the situation should be similar Saturday, Sunday, however, the weather will settle for good over the whole country, with temperatures sometimes higher than normal. Next week should allow the French to be full of sun, with a summer weather throughout the country.

“A likely peak of heat will affect the country by the middle of next week, just before the arrival of the summer calendar,” announces Météo France. According to forecasts, temperatures should rise again next Tuesday and Wednesday, ranging from 28 to 33 degrees.

Summer 2019, even hotter than 2018?

According to the summer forecast of Météo France, the summer of 2019 could be even hotter than average  : “Seasonal forecasts do not predict heat waves,” warns the body.

But temperatures in June, July and August are expected to be above average, due to “anticyclonic conditions that should dominate the period over France and much of Europe, with temperatures above normal”.

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