Tinder Agrees to Share the Personal Data of its Users with the Russian Authorities

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Tinder agrees to share personal data with Russian authorities

The dating app, Tinder will provide personal data information on users at the request of the authorities and will have to store its data on Russian territory

This is the end of the personal data of Tinder users in Russia. Roskomnadzor, the Russian agency that oversees communications, technology and media, wants the app to share information about its users with Russian security services.

Roskomnadzor maintains a list of online services – including Tinder, now – that must provide personal data to authorities who request it. These services must share their encryption keys with the authorities and keep the data in Russia for at least six months.

Telegram and LinkedIn blocked, Twitter and Facebook in the viewfinder

Tinder has recently received a request to register and has complied, according to a spokesman for the application. But “this registration does not in any case share data with regulatory agencies and we have not provided data to the government,” they added.

In April 2018, Telegram encrypted messaging was blocked for refusing to provide the authorities with the means to read users’ messages. However, the application has been successful in getting around the block and is generally accessible.

In January, Roskomnadzor also launched administrative proceedings against Twitter and Facebook, accusing them of not complying with the law imposing data storage on Russian territory. This is also why the professional social network LinkedIn was blocked in 2016.

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