Nancy: A Forest Closed to Access because of Human Waste

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Access to the Pulnoy Forest at nancy is prohibited by municipal decree.

A city in the metropolis of Nancy, Pulnoy, is forced to close access to its forest because of too much human waste. It evokes “health risks”.

The city of Pulnoy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), in the metropolis of Nancy , took a rather surprising order: it prohibits access to the forest because of repeated human waste in the area.

This time, it is not the droppings of dogs that pose worries but those of humans. “Despite some efforts, the problems of insalubrity continue,” laments the mayor. “Due to health risks, her access is closed for an indefinite period,” she says

The municipal by-law entails “visual, olfactory and bacteriological pollution exposing users to health and infectious risks”.

A forest party cancelled

The situation has actually been going on for months. The feast of the forest had already been cancelled last September because of too many human wastes.

According to the city, new droppings appear “daily” on the site. Note that the nearby forest of Saulxures-lès-Nancy is also affected. A meeting with the services of the metropolis of Nancy is to take place this week to try to find a solution. And so allow walkers to enjoy again the joys of this forest located about ten kilometres from downtown Nancy .

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